The USS Portland (NCC-40424) is an award-winning Star Trek RPG set in 2392, over 10 years after the events of Voyager and Deep Space Nine. While the Dominion War may be over, the quadrant is still not a safe place and there are many threats to the Federation and adventures to be had

The Portland is a Miranda Class starship, commanded by Captain Alenis Meru. The aging ship has been upgraded many times, allowing it to remain up to date long after its designers had thought was possible.

The USS Portland is part of Obsidian Fleet, Task Force 72, Task Group 72-A “Grey Wolves”

Our goal here is simply to have fun, explore and develop our characters, and tell cool and interesting stories together.

Mission Nine: “Cold Case”

With the USS Portland in dry dock for repairs, the crew are given a special mission. ¬†Vike, an old nemesis and an Orion space pirate, is attempting to sell a stolen cloaking device to the Breen. ¬†With a “borrowed” Breen freighter, it is up to the crew of the Portland to stop him, before the Breen get their hands on cloaking technology and the balance of power in the quadrant is permanently altered…

The Lower Decks: “Incursion”

When a shuttle ferrying some new officers to the Portland slams into a subspace vacuole at high warp, a bit of quick thinking saves the shuttle and its occupations. Everything seems to be all right, until they meet up with Captain Andrew Rouse of the ISS Portland…

The Lower Decks: “I Feel the Need…”

With teams from across the quadrant, the Rigel Cup is one of the most prestigious aerobatics competitions in the known galaxy. While the Blue Eagles, commanded by the notoriously cocky Andorian fighter pilot Shusas sh’Tari seem confident of victory, a team from Starfleet Academy known as Delta Squad and led by Cadet Sera Williams plan to give them a run for their money…



“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends” – Martin Luther King