The Portland Pulse – Feb 26, 2394

Security breach at Brightside Station
Rostrenen T’Sering

A serious security breach at Brightside Station has ended with three under arrest.  N’xypb X’rry, 29, Vujuut, 34, and Kujdzem, 37, were arrested after breaching the security center and have been charged with breaking and entering, unauthorized possession of energy weapons, and assaulting security officers.

The scuffle caused a temporary outage in the station’s security systems, as well as space traffic control.  One ship had gone missing during the outage.

The station has released a description of four other persons of interest:  Two human males, a Klingon female, a Trill female, and a young Vulcanoid woman.  Anyone with information on these suspects is encouraged to report to the Brightside security center.


USS Shanghai dispatched to Peth Prime
Clark Kent

The USS Shanghai, NCC-63384, is an Akira-class heavy cruiser commissioned to be a heavily-armed mobile engineering platform. Recently taken out of mothball and refit under supervision of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, her mission profile includes aiding Federation and allied worlds, colonies, ships, and spaceborne hardware by providing rapid-response manufactory and rescue capabilities.

Rushed out of Spacedock earlier than scheduled, the Shanghai is currently in orbit around Peth Prime, home of the Pethalar. The Pethalar are a distant relative of the Grazerites, but biologically dependent on their world’s strange magnetic field. Having explored nearby solar systems with warp-capable probes, the Pethalar made first contact with the Federation thirty years ago, and have since been enjoying a mutual protection and trade arrangement ever since.

Commanded by Commander Anatrie Kheim and Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova, both officers were formerly in command of the late USS Deimos; the Deimos was scuttled due to repeated and fatal technical failures after an encounter with a previously unknown warp-capable species. While Commander Kheim, and the former CO Commander Raktael Kelarna, were both found innocent of any wrongdoing in court martial, the Deimos’ ultimate fate was a black mark on both these officers’ records. It remains to be seen how these officers perform commanding a much larger vessel under a much stricter mission profile.


Chief Morale Officer’s Report
Acting Ensign Ko-ko

Wow!  This is a Portland Pulse!  I haven’t seen one of these in a while!  Personally, I blame my owner.  I hear she’s been slacking lately.

Anyways, we’ve had a lot of ups and downs over the past few months, but overall, we’ve managed to keep things going and win the odd Unit of Merit award.  And speaking of awards, we recently had a round of awards for all the crew.  Congrats to all the winners!

We’re currently mired in the middle of our ninth mission, “Cold Case” – which is an exciting romp straight into the lair of an Orion villain to steal his stolen cloaking device.  I’m told that nothing can possibly go wrong and there will be no daring rescues or escapes by the skin of the teeth necessary.


Better Know an NPC – Captain Judith Rouse

For this month’s edition of Better Know an NPC, we invited Judith Rouse to speak with us again about her brother, the mission, and life on the Portland.

Welcome to the studio, Judith.  It’s been a while since we last talked.  What’s new in your life?

Judith shifted uncomfortably in her seat, she hated being in the spotlight. “Uhm, new… Well, I’ve got this super cute nephew that I’m babysitting. And we’re doing some training sessions with the Security personnel while the ship is being repaired.

Congratulations!  We’ll be returning to Andy later, but how are the folks down in security doing with their training?  I hear they’ve nicknamed you Sensei Judith.

“Yes, they have. I haven’t decided if I’m happy about that or not. Although I guess it’s kind of a honor.”

Have any of the male crew member caught your eye lately?  Dare we ask the nurses to set you up?

She looked at the ceiling while letting out a breath she didn’t even know she was holding. “I still have a bad taste in my mouth of my last encounter with men and I would do almost anything to prevent another set up, no matter how well it’s meant.” Judith thought of the date her sister-in-law and her friend had set up with the doctor.

So… any of the female crew then?

Judith sighted deeply. “No thanks.”

What about your brother Timothy?  He’s been awful busy as of late, with the arrival of Andy and the wedding.  How is he handling being a father?

Judith couldn’t help smile. “Tim is the best daddy Andy could have wished for. He is just so sweet and caring with him. It’s just so cute seeing the transformation from this big, though guy to the caring guy he is with Andy. Our elder brother had the same when his daughter was born, so I guess I could have expected it happening with Tim as well.

And changing diapers?

“I’ve heard he has made use of the sonic shower often when needed.” Judith said with a chuckle.

Of course; I’m sure he’s going to be a great father. Anyways, speaking of Timothy, I hear he’s going on a dangerous mission.  Do you think he has the acting chops to play the role of a Breen warlord long enough to trick an Orion space pirate?

Judith’s eyes widened. “He’s what?!? And he dares to bug me about the risks and dangers of my former job.”

I suppose it is classified, but yes, the crew are on a dangerous mission, as per usual, and Tim is playing a key role.  What are your thoughts on that?

“I know my brother has the qualification to pull any kind of mission of, so I’m sure they will be ok.”

I hope so as well.  The Portland is the number one source of news for the Portland Pulse, so it would be a shame for me if something were to happen to it.  Anyways, I’d like to go deeper into your background.  You were initially in the Marine Corps, correct?  And you were assigned to the Portland after a number of injuries in the line of duty?

Great just what I need, Judith thought, to be reminded of my failures. “That is correct. I couldn’t perform my duties anymore so Starfleet asked me to become an advisor. So I could assist ship with matters of Security and Flight operations.”

I’ve heard that you were at one point told you might never be able to walk again.  I have to say, the fact that you have returned to duty is quite inspirational.

“Thank you, it was a lot of hard work. But if you really want something, you go for it. At least, that’s  what I was thought.”

Was there ever a point where you felt like giving up on Starfleet?  What was it that kept you going?

“To annoy my brother of course, he hated it when I joined the Marines.” Judith said with a grin. “I’ve hard all my life to get where I am now. I wasn’t about to give that all up.”

Amazing.  I’ve also heard that in the meantime, you took on a role as coach to a Rigel Cup team.  Can you tell us what that was like?

“Well, they asked me as their coach. What could I say, and besides I like it way to much to see them fly.”

 Of course.  They were a talented bunch.  What do you attribute your team’s stunning victory to?  Was it confidence, motivation, skill, or something else?

“I think a combination of those three, but a good portion of gut feeling.”

That is important when you’re flying through space at those kind of speeds.  Thank you for joining us.  Do you have any final thoughts you want to leave us with regarding the Portland crew’s current mission?

Not wanting to reveal the feeling of concern she had she simply said, “I’m sure they’ll be fine.”


Quote of the Now

“Oh come on, it’s a simple mission. More of an errand, really.  All we have to do is get there first, impersonate Brel trade Vike the cloaking device for a shipment of transphasic torpedoes — counterfeit, of course — and get out of there before the real Brel shows up. It’s so simple… what could possibly go wrong?”